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How to hang a basket to use as a shelf for storage

Many of us have seen these great hanging baskets all over the internet and many new photos are emerging with creative ideas on many different ways this   can be done.

hanging wall basket

Bathroom Towel Storage by makinglemonadeblog.com

wall mounted towel basket

  Space Saving Wall Mounted Basket by Imbusyprocrastinating.com













But evidently no matter which style basket, patterns, or arrangement you choose; these hanging baskets are really simple to mount to any wall and make   a great storage solution for bathrooms and kitchens.

       You Will Need:

  •   Basket
  • Two to Three Anchor
  • Two to Three Screws
  • Drill

You will only need about two to three screws and anchors per basket. With a pencil mark where your screws will be drilled; you may want to use a level to insure the basket will lay straight. Drill a hole where you would like the screws to be placed and fill with anchors.  Push you screws through you basket evenly and a line with anchor. Then screws you screw in firmly.

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