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Remodeling a Small Bathroom with a Bathroom Vanity

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Remodeling a Small Bathroom with a Bathroom Vanity

Author: Irene Test

At some point, your bathroom is going to need a new look. As the bathroom is one of the more overlooked corners of a home, the décor and style can begin to look dated. Remodeling a bathroom isn’t always about changing its look, however. Features can be added and expanded, and if you’re looking to do this with your space, consider a bathroom vanity. With a set of wood cabinets below, a marble countertop, and a basin, a vanity is more than just a sink and allows you to do more with a limited amount of space.

Bathroom vanities for small spaces tend to run about 36 inches wide or smaller. Even with this compact design, a bathroom vanity still manages to remain practical and stylish. Most have a traditional appearance, with a finished wood cabinet, a stone countertop, and a porcelain or metal basin. Even with these three basic parts, a vanity can have a number of appearances. Want a fixture that’s dark and stands out? A vanity can have a granite countertop and a set of cabinets below with a darker finish. On the opposite end are antique-style vanities, characterized by a painted white set of cabinets and matching marble top. Of course, plenty of vanities also have contrasting styles.

Aside from traditional styles, bathroom vanities for small spaces can have contemporary appearances. With the same size and features, a contemporary bathroom vanity is made out of glass and metal. In some cases, the cabinet and counter are separate, allowing you to arrange them according to the limitations of your space.

While the bathroom vanity is giving your space more character in the process, it expands the features of the room. The cabinets, for instance, are perfect as a small linen closet – likely a luxury for your small bathroom. With two shelves inside, a bathroom vanity can hold various towels, sheets, and blankets. At the same time, this space underneath the sink isn’t reserved exclusively for linens. Instead, cleaning sprays, grooming supplies, hair tools, makeup, and any item that doesn’t fit into a medicine cabinet can be stored below.

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