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Finding The Right Bathroom Vanity for Your Home

Finding The Right Bathroom Vanity for Your Home


Author: Irene Test

All bathrooms need a sink, right? But, what if the sink in yours just is not enough, especially when you only have a small amount of space to work with? Don’t settle for just a basin when it comes to your bathroom. Instead, get the most out of your space by adding a bathroom vanity.

Like a sink but with more practical features, a bathroom vanity consists of a basin, a countertop, and a set of cabinets underneath. A standard vanity is about 24 inches wide, with a stone countertop surrounding a porcelain or metal basin on top of a finished wood cabinet. Inside the cabinet is at least one shelf. A larger vanity may also have some drawers, possibly two sink basins, and a matching mirror. So, which one is right for you?

Smaller vanities – those less than 30 inches wide – are ideal for bathrooms with limited space. This way, in the space occupying a sole basin, a bathroom vanity supplies you with a countertop – the perfect place for resting hairbrushes, makeup, hair tools, or shaving supplies – and a cabinet below. If you’ve been needing a place to store towels or cleaning supplies in the bathroom, the cabinet is just the feature you need.

At the same time, if the look of the wood and stone does not appeal to your tastes but you still want a vanity, consider a contemporary style. With the same features but with a different look, a contemporary bathroom vanity is often made out of glass and metal. In some cases, the counter and cabinets are separate, and you can arrange them inside your space however you see fit.

If your bathroom has a large amount of space, what are your options? Depending upon the number of individuals in your house, go with a larger single-sink or double bathroom vanity. A larger single-sink vanity provides greater counter and cabinet space – as well as a larger mirror in some cases – but double sink vanities, in the same amount of space, offer two basins. If getting ready on time in the morning is often a common problem in your household, consider replacing your single basin with a double vanity.

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